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My husband had been often complaining about digestion and heartburn problems. In spite of me telling him to go and get a health check up, he was not taking any action towards his health problem. Recently he started to loose weight and his overall health was getting worse. And my husband was still not ready to get an appointment with a Doctor.

Luckily while surfing on the net, I found I was really thrilled to find this fantastic website. When i learned that they could come here and do the health screening, I quickly booked an appointment for my husband. And he was so surprised to meet a healthcare specialist at home. At the last minute, we both decided to take the “couple health screening package” upon the advice of the healthcare specialist. And it turned out to be one of the best decisions we have ever made!

Thanks to the amazing services we could identify our health related problems in time. Through health screening, we understood the health risks. The check-up results were really quick and we could easily take the further steps towards a healthier life.

So I would suggest stop neglecting your health issues and book an appointment with right away!

Khadijah Nordin

I was supposed to send my parents for their yearly health screening, but I ran out of leave for the year. And when I spoke to the doctor over the phone, he referred me to

When I looked at the packages offered, I did my maths and found out that the family package was value for money. It was in fact cheaper than going to the clinic to get it done. So in the end, the whole family took their health screening, including my wife and maid at the comfort of our home! It became a family affair for that weekend.

Your staff was polite, professional and importantly gentle during the blood taking. Thank you so much. I would definitely recommend your services to my family and friends. We will sure engage you in the future!


I hate crowded areas and long queues, and had been ignoring my health for many years. Just the thought of going to the hospital makes me nervous. But since I had not been really keeping well for a few months, one of my friends recommended me to I really thank my friend for telling me about such an extra-ordinary service.

I was indeed pleased to know about the amazing check-up health service. Healthcare specialists came to my home and took my blood samples. It was so easy without any hassles. I got my test results and advice from the doctors without leaving my home. I highly recommend for all your health issues.

Mrs Phua Eng Neo

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I’ve always had problems with my stomach. I tried a variety of advertised diets, but it wasn’t until I went through the ImuPro300 when I realized that the problem was far more obvious than I thought. I am now able to eat a wide range of foods, and I know exactly what I have to avoid.

Samuel Lim

Being the overweight teenager that I was, diet has always been a challenge. No matter what I did I couldn’t quite get the results that I was looking for, and I started experiencing a lot of problems in the abdominal and stomach areas. The ImuPro300 managed to reveal the exact cause of my issues, and it was quite easy to go around them afterwards.

Christina Png

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Basic Packages

Add-on Markers

Homocystein $77

This test is used to gauge whether someone is suffering from folate or Vitamin B12 deficiency.

For people with a history of heart disease in the family in the absence of other risk factors such as being overweight or obese, high blood pressure or smoking; the test can be used in screening patients for stroke or heart attack.

CA 19.9 $67

Serum CA 19.9 levels are usually increased to about 80% among patients who are dealing with pancreatic cancer. They are also evident in 54-89% of patients with stomach cancer, while 65% for those who have colorectal cancer. From time to time, the serum level may also increase in benign conditions, such as acute and chronic pancreatitis, inflammatory bowel disease, cystic fibrosis, as well as hepatobillary tract disease. In benign disease, however, CA 19.9 generally does not go over 100U/ml.

HbA1C $37

HaemoglobinA1c, or HbAIc, is a diabetes marker, which may be used in long-term care monitoring for people who are suffering from diabetes. The level of HbA1c is directly proportional to the glucose level within the blood. It has been accepted widely as a determining factor that indicates the mean daily concentration of blood glucose throughout the preceding couple of months. According to recent studies, regular measurement and assessment of HbA1c results to the change in diabetes treatment, as well as the improvement of the metabolic control which is indicated with the lowering of the HbA1c valves.

CA 125 $67

This glycol protein is produced in several ovarian cancers. The levels of CA 125 that are above 335ng/ml have been detected in about 20-40% of patients who have State I and II ovarian cancers, as well as 96% of patients who have State III and IV of this disease. In less common situations, the levels can increase in patients who have cancers of the breast, gastrointestinal tract, endometrium, cervix, as well as the fallopian tube. The increase in levels may also be present in some benign conditions such as peritoneal inflammation and endometriosis. CA 125 is also helpful when it comes to monitoring individuals for treatment response and recurrence of tumour.

C-Reactive Protein $37

C-Reactive Protein (CRP) is a particular substance which is produced within the liver as a result of inflammation. CRP is also known as high-sensitivity C-reactive protein (hs-CRP), as well as ultra-sensitive C-reactive protein (us-CRP). With a high CRP level in the blood, there is a possibility of having a condition which can cause inflammation, ranging from the possibility of an upper respiratory infection to more serious conditions such as cancer. Higher levels of CRP can also be an indication of an inflammation in the heart arteries, swelling of the tissues that line the joints and infection of a bone. This, in turn, may pose a higher risk for heart attack. However, it is important to keep in mind, that CRP is a nonspecific test which may be elevated with any type of inflammatory condition.

CA 15.3 $67

The test for CA 15.3 is considered as a marker of tumour. It is often used in checking how treatment for breast cancer works, looking for cancer that has recurred post treatment. If you are being diagnosed with cancer of the breast, you may go through this test. It is not used for measuring early stage of breast cancer since the levels of this type of protein are only rarely higher than the normal levels within this stage.

PSA $67

PSA is a substance produced within the prostate gland. It is also highly useful when it comes to the diagnosis of prostate cancer, including the monitoring for spreading and recurrence of tumour in patients. Generally, a little amount of PSA can be found in the blood. Increase in the levels of PSA may be caused by benign prostatic or even prostate cancer.

HIV Antibody $27

The antibody screening test is considered as the most common HIV test, looking into the antibodies that is produced by the body against HIV. It may be done on oral or blood fluid, but not saliva. Since the antibody levels in the oral fluid is relatively lower as in the blood, majority of blood-based tests discover the infection sooner right after being exposed compared to rapid HIV tests.

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